The History of Nova Pressroom Products

In February 2007, Nova Pressroom Products, LLC was formed as an independently owned and operated manufacturer of blanket and roller washes. Bringing together the most knowledgeable technical and business staff in the Graphic Arts Industry was the foundation for the new company. All of the key managers and research staff came from Anchor LithKemKo when this leading, longtime supplier of pressroom chemicals closed its manufacturing site in Florida. Nova’s goal was, and is, to manufacture safe, effective and environmentally-compliant products, delivering them on time and at a reasonable price.

Early in 2008, Nova opened a 23,500 square foot Manufacturing and Research Center in North Jacksonville, Florida. The 2,200 square foot Corporate Headquarters and Customer Call Center was opened in April 2009. The plant is the manufacturing site for Nova fountain solutions, water-based coatings and UV coatings and specialty products.

Nova is well positioned for the future. With over 160 different products for sheetfed and web printers, a dedicated dealer network in the United States, Canada, Latin America, and Asia and a highly experienced technical staff, Team Nova is ready to partner with you.

The Nova business model utilizes the company’s core expertise in printing chemical technology and provides hands on problem-solving support for today’s printers. Coupled with small company flexibility and the desire to achieve superior customer service, Nova is becoming the clear choice for larger sheetfed and web printers.

Dan Roll

Dan Roll played a major role as a pioneer in the development of alcohol-free printing in North America. His career includes over 25 years formulating experience with Anchor/Fuji Hunt. He now heads Nova’s Fountain Solution product development group. As a former printer, Dan has a unique perspective and believes that fountain solutions should enable the press operator to achieve higher quality and more consistent results. His knowledge of presses and dampening systems is extensive.

Don Tartt

Don Tartt is Vice President of Operations for Nova. He manages the company’s manufacturing, purchasing and customer service center. He is a 21-year veteran of Anchor where he served as Director of Purchasing. One of Don’s key responsibilities is to maintain Nova’s position as a low cost producer.

Ray Brady

Ray Brady, Vice President of Technical Services, has 23 years of experience formulating solvents and silicones for Fuji Hunt/Anchor. He oversees all of Nova’s press wash and silicone production. Ray has an advanced chemistry degree from the University of Florida along with years of practical field experience working with printers and printing equipment manufacturers. He is regarded as one of the most knowledgeable developers of low VOC press washes that meet the stringent environmental regulations imposed in many areas of the United States.

Ronald J. Rose

Ronald J. Rose, as President of Nova, has over 30 years of corporate and independent business experience in the Graphic Arts industry. During his career with FUJIFILM, he served in a number of sales and business management positions including Vice President of New Business Development at Fuji Hunt Chemical and Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Anchor. Ron has extensive experience directing channel operations in Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America.

Chuck Malspies

Nova’s aqueous and UV coatings were formulated by Chuck Malspies who was Vice President of Technical Services and the Coating Division until his death in 2011. With 20 years in the ink and coatings industry, Chuck innovated many of today’s top specialty aqueous and UV coatings. With a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from The Ohio State University and an MBA from the University of Cincinnati, Chuck’s focus was to design compatible coatings for today’s inks and to assist printers in selecting the correct products for specific jobs.

Anchor LithKemKo

Nova’s history is clearly linked to Anchor LithKemKo. All of the key Nova managers came from this leading supplier of pressroom chemicals. With the closing of Anchor manufacturing site in Florida, the opportunity for Nova Pressroom Products was created.